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By December 14, 2017Blog

We are excited to announce that our book, Wisdom from Adoptive Families: Joys and Challenges in Older Child Adoption was released a few days early!

Here are what some of the reviewers have said about Wisdom from Adoptive Families:

“This is a much needed resource! Anyone who has adopted an older child or is considering the possibility can learn from these insights and real-life examples. The authors understand the specific needs of older children and how their histories have impacted their current needs and behaviors. They grasp the relationship between trauma and brain chemistry while also conveying the hope that deep healing is possible when parents are both equipped and supported. Because attachment is developmental, this book offers practical ideas for connecting with older children with consideration to unique challenges that were learned survival skills. I admire Dr. Kittle and Dr. Reed for their own wisdom and compassion in tackling this subject. After reading this book, I hope parents are able to see beyond behaviors to their child’s needs and preciousness.” -Terri Coley, Post-Adoption Coordinator at Show Hope

“Wisdom from Adoptive Families is a ‘must read’ for anyone considering or currently parenting adopted youth as well as friends, family, counselors, and others in their support network. Parents who have experienced this journey share their stories with refreshingly raw honesty, and the authors’ practical tips will surely ease the transition of older children into their new families.” -Sheri Parris, PhD, Research Scientist with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development


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