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Creating Family Connection

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Finding and taking opportunities to foster family connection after your new child comes home can be challenging.

Perhaps there are language differences between you and your new child. Or maybe some of your family members are not excited about participating. How can you create opportunities for family connection? First, capitalize on the fact that connection often happens around food. Be sure to serve snacks or incorporate some fun at meal time.

Here are a few ideas for family fun:

  • Find a family yoga class on YouTube and have everyone participate
  • Play a current (or past) favorite board game (even preschool games can create laughs)
  • Complete a family craft (every makes their own or the family creates something together)
  • Play a card game (such as Uno, Crazy 8, Old Maid, Go Fish, War, Rummy, etc.)
  • Play family charades
  • Read aloud a book while the family listens together
  • Select play system games for groups (such as bowling, MySims Party for Nintendo Wii, Wii Party, Just Dance, Carnival Games, Family Game Nights, etc.)
  • Musical chairs
  • Complete Mad Libs with various family members providing words to the story

Check out this website’s list of simple ideas that are sure to provide family giggles: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mallorymcinnis/20-insanely-simple-party-games-to-entertain-your-whole-famil?utm_term=.uyQ1LgzXm#.ewWEyLQ85

Wisdom from Adoptive Families: Joys and Challenges in Older Child Adoption has many additional ideas to facilitate family connection. Also check out the Resources tab where you will find a list of game websites.